Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A stroll in the Forest mixing History with training.

Following my long walk in the Malverns I went for a 6 mile walk in the New Forest. I didn't want to overdo things but it is important that I start stringing long walks together, as that is what I have to do on Kilimanjaro.
Besides it is now only about a month to go until I go to Mount Snowdon, so I have to keep working hard to be prepared for that. I picked a walk in the village of Godshill, which is close to Fordingbridge. The walk,known as Ashley Walk, goes by what was an RAF bombing range. During the second world war pilots from local New Forest airfields used the area for target practice. They even built a replica of a 'U-Boat pen', sadly that is now covered in earth, but It was a fascinating walk and I did see an old observation shelter.
I was under the impression it would be a fairly flat walk, but I was wrong. There were several climbs to negotiate. The terrain under foot was good, either gravel tracks or heathland. The walk took me 2 hours and took me past some New Forest horses and cattle. They all watched  as I marched by, but they must be so used to people they didn't really give me a second look.

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