Monday, 2 September 2013

Kilimanjaro Challenge Day 2. 24th August 2013

The sun was just rising as we landed in Nairobi Kenya. I walked down the steps of the aircraft and set foot on the continent of Africa for the first time.
The airport had been gutted by fire a few weeks ago and much of the buildings were replaced by temporary tents. We passed through the airport to a tent and waited there for our flight to Kilimanjaro. I was fairly tired still and dozed, between talking to other members of the group.
Soon we were on our flight to Tanzania and in the air. The flight was not a long one, we passed Kilimanjaro. I was on the wrong side of the aircraft to get a great view however I leaned over to look out of the window and saw the mountain that I had come to climb for the first time. Woah was it impressive,I could feel the excitement build again.
We arrived into Kilimanjaro International Airport, and after collecting our bags we went outside where our head guide, Godfrey and some of his team were waiting. He struck me straight away as a kind, decent chap. We loaded our bags onto two busses and then got on the busses to our hotel.
I sat towards the back and looked out of the windows to the side, the rear window and ahead out of the windscreen, trying to take everything in along the way to our hotel, the AMEG lodge in Moshi. I guess it was just under an hour drive before we arrived.
The rooms were allocated, Andy and I would room together. We freshened up then got some lunch from the buffet. After lunch Dean briefed us on what would happen the following day and then showed us what we should take in our kit bags.
We were asked to try and get the weight of our bags to between 12 and 14 Kilo's, I thought this would be a tough task considering I struggled to get the bag to 15 kilo's but eventually I got the weight to 13kilo's
The rest of the afternoon I talked with other members of the group and the football fans amongst us got up to date with the football scores back home.
Andy and I made our way to the bar and tried Kilimanjaro beer. The rest of the group slowly joined us and we had a good laugh whilst waiting for dinner.
Later that night in bed I lay thinking of what was ahead of me, the challenge of a lifetime,Kilimanjaro.

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