Monday, 2 September 2013

Kilimanjaro Challenge Day 4. 26th August 2013

Today we would walk 7 km from Machame Camp to Shira camp. We set off after breakfast around 8.15 on very steep moorland terrain. Very early in to the walk, I could tell it was going to be a very challenging day. The altitude was already making me breath hard and I could feel I was working hard. I tried not to look up too much to where we were going as it seemed the path was taking us up into outer space, it was very high up. When I did stop looking at where I was putting my feet I was greeted by just the most incredible views. This was why I was here! You don't get these sort of views in England.
Throughout the day I went through phases of being out of breath and feeling that I was quite out of my depth here and wondering what I was doing, to feeling that it was a real pleasure to be here and how much I was enjoying it.
On occasions when I did find it hard going, I just took a moment to myself to remind myself of why I was here. I was here for an amazing experience that I had trained for. I was here because many people had put their faith in me by sponsoring me in order that I could help Greyhound Rescue West of England. Strong motivation, and it would not be the last time during the trip that, I would think this.
We finally made it into camp mid afternoon for lunch. We were served a delicious leek soup followed by pasta and salad. We were being treated very well, in the middle of nowhere.
After lunch a few of us went on a short walk of around 2 hours out of camp and uphill with some of the guides and Amanda, where we got some amazing views of the mountain. We passed a helipad which was used for emergency evacuations. This brought the concept of acute mountain sickness back into my thinking. So far I had felt good, I was taking diamox and the altitude had not affected me. I hoped that would remain the case for the duration of the trip.
We made our way back to camp, where the others had been resting, and had dinner. Vegetable soup and beef stroganoff.
I seemed to find sleeping tonight a little harder, it was certainly cooler the ground a little harder, but eventually I drifted off to sleep.

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